by Steve Mancuso

Anthony DeSclafani to DL with “mild” shoulder injury

Here’s the official announcement.

The Reds are telling the beat writers that the injury isn’t considered long-term so DeSclafani might miss just one start.

First, a bit of translation.

“Right” means it’s DeSclafani’s throwing arm.

“Teres Major” is a small, thick muscle that is part of the throwing action near the rotator cuff but is not part of the rotator cuff group. The teres major connects the shoulder blade and the long arm bone. It produces arm movements and also stabilizes the shoulder joint.


“Strain” can mean stretch, but usually means a tear.

“Mild” measures the degree of tear. Mild tears are partial. Severe tears could mean the muscle has ruptured or torn through. DeSclafani’s case does not appear to fall into that category.

Implications for Anthony DeSclafani

You hope it’s a mild injury as the Reds say. From what I’ve read, this is a difficult injury to diagnose. Whenever the shoulder is involved, you worry. Shoulders aren’t as clear cut to diagnose and fix as elbows. One injury can create another one. This muscle is near the rotator cuff. What might seem like one thing now might be something completely different. Or it might develop into something worse once DeSclafani returns to pitching. Obviously, Reds fans are pulling for the best as we find out more.

Implications for the Reds

Tyler Mahle would be the obvious choice to replace DeSclafani in his one or more missed turns. The Reds still have two spots to fill in the 30-man active roster. One is likely Matt Davidson. Matt Wilkes suggests the second could be a pitcher who takes over the swing-long man role Mahle was going to fill. That could be Jose De Leon or Tejay Antone.

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Brian D
4 months ago

Really bad news for the Reds and Anthony DeSclafani any way it gets spinned. How does any tear get better quickly? Jose DeLeon get ready to pitch. I’m sure Tyler Mahle is first up, but DeLeon, I sure see in the Reds near future.