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No Profanity or Vulgarity In general, assume young Reds fans are reading our site. This includes censor bypass terms or acronyms. If you have a doubt about whether to use a word or phrase, find some other way to say it.

No Personal Attacks Treat others with respect. This includes Reds players, coaches, journalists, front office personal as well as our writers and other commenters. If you find yourself saying something personal and negative about someone else, you’re doing it wrong. Distinguish between decisions and performance by Reds personnel and the people themselves. Saying that David Bell made a stupid decision when he decided to bunt is different from saying David Bell is stupid. This includes making fun of someone’s name (do we really need to say that?) or twisting someone else’s name in a negative way.

Advance the Conversation Be constructive and interesting. Repetition is not interesting. Neither is blind optimism or bleak pessimism. Making statements to intentionally sow discord (called “trolling”) is the opposite of being constructive. Be insightful. Bring new and relevant perspectives and facts to support your claims. Share your personal Reds-related experiences.

Stick to the Reds and Baseball No politics. No politics. No politics. No politics. No politics. Please, no politics. Sports and baseball do at times overlap with important social issues. When that happens and we feel the need to write about it, we will try to tread lightly.

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