RC+ Stat Stumper: Luis Castillo wOBA

RC+ Stat Stumper: Luis Castillo wOBA

Welcome to the first ever RC+ Stat Stumper! Since we cannot get enough of the Reds, we wanted to take a longtime ballpark tradition and give it a bit of a modern twist. The Scoreboard Stumper trivia question that takes place every home game is a great way to test your knowledge of baseball history and learn a little bit about the Reds as well. Every once in a while, we will post a similar type of question in the morning but with more of a focus on advanced metrics. We invite you to post your guesses in the comments (looking up the answer is cheating, what fun is that?).

The answers and winners will be revealed at the end of the day. Enjoy!

RC+ Stat Stumper #1

In the Statcast era (since 2015), Luis Castillo’s 0.273 wOBA allowed in 2019 ranks 5th among all Reds pitchers who faced at least 200 batters in a season. Who are the four pitchers that have had better seasons? For bonus points, which years did they outperform him?

Matt Habel

Matthew Habel was born and mostly raised in Cincinnati and was always a Reds fan growing up. Ironically, he did not become die-hard until moving to Pittsburgh after college and experiencing the 2013 Wild Card game behind enemy lines. While the "Cueto Game" is one of the worst sports moments of his life, he became enamored with the analytics side of the game after reading Big Data Baseball and watching the Pirates organization end their postseason drought. He started writing for Redleg Nation in 2017 and has enjoyed continuously learning more about the sport. He currently lives in Portland, Oregon where he loves exploring the great outdoors. Find him on Twitter @MattadorHeyBull

13 Responses

  1. Matt Wilkes says:

    This is tough. Gotta figure most are relievers. I’ll go with Johnny Cueto (2015), Raisel Iglesias (2017?), Amir Garrett (2019), and Jared Hughes (2018).

  2. Eli J says:

    Cueto (2015), Chapman (2015), Iglesias (2017), and, uhhh, Michael Lorenzen (2016)?

  3. Matt says:

    Chapman in 2015
    Iglesias twice. I will guess in 2016 and 2017
    Cueto 2015

  4. Steve Mancuso says:

    Jason Marquis (2015), Ross Ohlendorf (2016), Scott Feldman (2016) and David Holmberg (2015). Kevin Gregg (2015) probably had the wOBA, but not the 200 TBF.

    • Matt Habel says:

      Can confirm that even with the 200 batters faced, these players are not quite as good as Castillo

  5. Steve Mancuso says:

    Here are my serious guesses. Cueto (2015) and Chapman (2015) seem almost certain. Iglesias (2017) is my third pick. For my last pick I’m going with Sonny Gray (2019). Gray has been ahead of Castillo most of the year in xwOBA, although Castillo may have slipped ahead now. Not sure if Gray shows up as well in wOBA, though. If not Gray, I’d go with Lorenzen (2016).

    Fantastic question, Matt.

  6. Matt Habel says:

    The moment you have all been waiting for. The first ever RC+ Stat Stumper winner is…a four-way tie! The correct answers:

    1. Aroldis Chapman (0.247) – 2015

    2. Jared Hughes (0.251) – 2018

    3. Johnny Cueto (0.253) – 2015

    4. Raisel Iglesias (0.256) – 2017

    5. Luis Castillo (0.271 – dropped a bit after yesterday’s game) – 2019

    Matt Wilkes missed Chapman while Eli J, Matt and Steve missed Jared Hughes. All four of you got three names their three years correct. Well done! Hope to see you again next week

  7. Jefferson Green says:

    Thanks, Matt!